10-15TH JANUARY 2015

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EMOTIONAL!! (Wednesday 15th January, Whitefoot Lane Christian Centre)

Yesterday 15/01/15 marked the end of this South-East Prayer Mission; which is such a great start to 2015. London City Mission - Whitefoot Lane Christian Centre, gave us such an outstanding breakfast meal. The sense of family and kindred was, again, ever so tangible. The main theme was thanksgiving - first to God and then from us to the Koreans and the Koreans to us. Gifts were given and tears were shed. The only thing on everyone's mind was, "how do we get involved and just how do we strengthen and deepen this beautiful expression of real unity that is happening here?" Andy shared a bit about the church history and current difficulties and how it relates to our local context in the South-East and the challenges posed to unity. On the back of this we prayed for God to wipe out every obstacle and grant us that unity that pleases Him and Him only. Finally we had to say goodbye and their were lots of emotions - HE-MOTIONS & SHE-MOTIONS!!

Many thanks to Pastor Matt Lofthouse and his entire pastoral and staff team at Whitefoot Church for such a wonderful crescendo to this awesome week of Prayer and Outreach. Many thanks to all who served and those who prayed for us.

At the end of the meeting yesterday, I asked one of the young women that was present at every activity this week to give me one word that would best describe the week and with huge emotions she exclaimed, "SOOO DIFFICULT!" HOW CAN ANYONE POSSIBLY FIND ONE WORD THAT DESCRIBES THIS WEEK?" And she then simply went quiet and I only imagined what floods of great memories meandered her mind at that instant!

Such is the great emotionality of this week! Very many special moments occurred and I concur that it is difficult to find one word that describes the week, but I think the word EMOTIONAL would convey some of the essence of what happened at Whitefoot Church yesterday and throughout this week.

Though there are many great things that happened; too numerous to list, I will just highlight a few these very many special moments here:

1) The time at BLCC when spontaneous praise and worship broke out at the end of the service. An experience that so enthralled everyone, such that people just didn't seem interested in the wonderful feast that was set before us nor in going home!

2) The time at Malham Christian Center/Forest Hill Community Church when the Koreans prayed for us and we prayed for them and the sense of family and kindred that pervaded that meeting.

3) The time at the TAB Church when we all fell on our faces shedding tears of repentance as we wept for God's forgiveness - for our contemptuous familiarity with the things of God; wherefore, like Nadab and Abihu, we, many times, bring unholy fire before him. We pleaded God's mercy upon us and the entire church and asked God's help, for us to live truly holy live - so that we are not struck in His holy anger; like Nadab and Abihu or like Ananias and Sapphira.

4) The time when the spirit suddenly broke out in an unscheduled meeting and people just began to weep uncontrollably as we prayed. When asked afterwards why they wept, they explained that they suddenly saw how sinful, filthy and unworthy they were before God and could only weep, plead mercy and confess their sins to God and to fellow brethren present.

5) The time at Holy Trinity Church when we challenged each other to go deeper in our quest for unity and to strive to get it right. We repented and prayed God's mercy upon us and the entire church for getting it so wrong. I especially loved it when we sang "PSE Cross+Borough" theme song "I Need You" and made heartfelt and emotionally charged commitment to one another as we prayed the prayer of commitment towards each other and prayed for one another.

6) The times on the streets when God granted us so much favour, victory and protection and breakthroughs and miracles and testimonies - to see people respond to the unmasked Gospel of Jesus Christ with such willing enthusiasm and to see people's faces light up as they heard the simple words "Jesus loves you soooo much!" And many shouted back "I love Him too!!" To see people interested in knowing more about this Love was delightful!

7) The time at Whitefoot Lane Christian Centre when we had such real emotional family time and just didn't want to go! Sadly, we had to go; because we needed to get the team to the airport on time for their flight!!

8) All in all, the top on my list is the kindred spirit that pervaded every single meeting; even though the crowds were largely different on each occasion! Praise God!! I can't also forget the first class meals that were served at the various venues and I am convinced that the world's greatest culinary gifts are to be found within the household of God! Amen!!!

Now, this is only a tip of the iceberg and we anticipate greater things to come as we look forward to our South-East Mission Week 22-30th June 2015 (Details to follow shortly). Please mark these dates in your diaries and church calendars; make budgetary provisions and plan to attend all the activities.

Some exciting updates will follow this email. In the meantime, please follow us on Twitter ( and visit our website for exciting news, updates and photos ( and visit our website for exciting news, updates and photos

Yours in His Majesty's Service

Pastor Emmanuel

AWESOME!!!! (Tuesday 14th January, Bromley High Street & Holy Trinity Church, Bromley Common)

Thanks to my sister and friend Caroline Bishop for giving us this one word that so aptly describes what happened today in Bromley Market Square and tonight at Holy Trinity Church in Bromley Common, but in many people's opinion also aptly describes and captures the essence of this whole week of South-East Prayer Mission (10-15 Jan 2015) with our Korean Brethren!

God gave us yet another great victory in Bromley yesterday and we believe that we took some vital enemy grounds and broke a lot of strongholds. We witnessed similar testimonies as we had in Lewisham yesterday. People's responses to our Gospel Message of the Father's awesome love for all was simply amazing. We saw people's faces just light up as we proclaimed "Jesus loves you soooo much!" and they took the Father's love letter (including leaflets on how to repent of sin and become Born Again); with such great enthusiasm in response to this love. We witnessed many who initially rejected but either immediately turned back or came back after a while to say, "actually I will have that!". Wow!! The team also did a lot of praise dances that intrigued multitudes and caught lots of attention as we unashamedly worshipped and declared God's love, praise, glory and light in the atmosphere (all the way from the start of Market square by HSBC upto Bromley South Station). Quite a few people stopped to either talk about this love, share their burdens, request prayer, or quite interestingly ask about directions to a recommended Bible believing church near them! Wow! Awesome!!!

Tonight at Holy Trinity Church was especially awesome and filled with such fire power that it is difficult to capture it all. But the one word awesome describes it all. We had such an exciting mix of people many nations and diverse background - British, Chinese, Koreans, Africans, Caribeans etc. We prayed for all the schools in the vicinity and had representative students, parents, teachers and governors from one of the schools present and prayed for. It was simply special. Rev Roger's final prayer focus was pertaining to church unity and he clearly spoke for all the leaders present as he expressed the pain and frustration of many at the expression of "unity" in Bromley that is so not God's idea or agenda for unity. He strongly commended this beautiful working of churches (leaders and members alike) in the South-East (including Bromley) and the love of our Korean Brethren in working so closely with us; as a taste of what unity really is. The entire meeting erupted in an explosive final round of prayer of repentance on behalf of the church for failing in pursuing real unity and asking that God will deepen and expand the vision of our South-East Missions with our South Korean Brethren. Amen!!! Everyone was unanimous in concluding that the prayer service at HTC tonight was awesome and can't wait for the next!! Again, people just wanted to stay on after the meeting ended and had to be begged to go home!!

Huge thanks to Rev Roger Bristow, Rev George Collette, pastoral Assitant Diana Pattison and all the members of HTC for such and awesome time of worship and prayer; fellowship and kindred. The warm welcome and refreshments are notable too! Many thanks to all who came out and all who served in various ways today and those who prayed for us.

We look forward to another amazing time tomorrow morning at Whitefoot church as we gather for prayer breakfast. See you there!!

Yours in His Majesty's Service

Pastor Emmanuel

VICTORY!! (Monday 13th January, Lewisham Market Square & The Tabernacle Church)

I was lost as to which one word would describe today and the meeting at the tab tonight and whilst the words, "Hot", "Fiery", "Fire", "Impossible", explosive etc would do; "VICTORY" subsumes them all! We had jaw dropping victories on so many different levels and took significant grounds from the enemy today: that one would really need to write a whole book to tell of all the stories. But, let's try and see if that summary report thing will work here!??
I will share only a handful of stories:
- The time at Lewisham Market square experienced great opposition from the authorities, but in the end the Power Above overrode the powers that be! An impossible situation became possible!
- We also witnessed a good gathering as the team worshipped and the people were so receptive of the Gospel, and interested in our message of salvation, that we ran out of the Father's Love letter in a flash!
- I was particular, blown away by the man who came all the way from Wales to support us today. He came with his wife and three young children and bought everyone lunch! What a sacrifice!!

Tonight, at the Tab, we saw a chapel packed full of people in an extremely fiery Intercessory Prayer Service. We all felt the fire of revival are we all fell on our faces weeping in repentance. There was the tangible move of God as people were healed, delivered and set free from all manner things and reconciled back to God. The presence and Intercessory flair of great Mothers and Fathers was a priceless experience. Again, though a completely different crowd from the last two nights, the same kindred spirit pervaded the place as people just didn't seem to want to go home even after the meeting ended!

Great thanks to Bishop Michael White , the pastorate, leadership, elders and entire member of the Tab Church family for such an awesome night. The food was exceptionally good and you even blessed the mission financially! We are simply speechless and overwhelmed. Thank you!! Also many thanks to all those who have served in various ways so far and to all those praying for us! Thank you!!

We look forward to even greater things as we minister, prayer walk and outreach at the Bromley Market Square tomorrow (12noon) and for another explosive Intercessory Prayer Service at Holy Trinity Church Bromley Common (4pm). See you there!!

Yours in His Majesty's Service

Pastor Emmanuel

FANTASTIC!! (Sunday 11th January, Mallham Christian Center)

We are thankful to God for yet another great experience of worship tonight. The miracle of Brethren meeting for the first time but yet bonding in deep fellowship as though we were of the same womb is simply amazing.

Great meeting with a strong presence of God's spirit. We have a great turnout of a completely different set of people from last night yet the same Spirit and atmosphere of great excitement, warmth and anticipations.

We ended with a significant period of more intense prayers and impartation. The Koreans prayed for us and we prayed for them. And like last night the kindred spirit was so intense that people didn't want to go home even long after the meeting had ended; and were literally begged to go home!

Many thanks to Pastor Nigel and the entire leadership and members of Mallham Christian Center for such great meeting and refreshments. Thanks for turning out in great numbers and for all the love and sacrifice and for helping to make tonight another marker in time as we get nearer to this great revival that is so imminent!

Please pray for the team as they rest, tour and pray around London tomorrow and specifically around Buckingham palace. We look forward to see as many as possible on Tuesday 13/01/15 at the prayer walk/outreach around Lewisham Market at 12noon and at 7:30 for another even greater experience of God's presence as we gather for our next Intercessory Prayer Service at The Tab at 7:30 on Tue 13/01/15.

See you there!

Yours in His Majesty's Service

Pastor Emmanuel

TESTIMONY!! (Saturday 10th January, Brook Lane Community Church)

What a great evening tonight as we experienced a sweet breakout of God's spirit in ceaseless worship; such that even when the service ended and food was served, people just continued to worship. What a beautiful experience.

During the service itself; as various church leaders and representatives shared their heart and coveted the prayer of agreement from our Korean Brethren, we received a phone call informing us of two young girls that went missing earlier today and had still not been found as of 9pm. We all immediately bombarded in prayer of intercession for the girls to be found. Amazingly, God proved to us yet again that He is the God that answers by fire; because by the end of the meeting, we got the news that both girls had been found and being reunited with their family. Praise God!!!

Thanks to pastor Andrew and the entire BLCC team and leadership for such great service and magnificent meal. It felt like a true family dinner. Also many thanks to all who served in various ways and thanks to all who came out tonight.

We look forward to experiencing even greater and deeper things with God; as we gather at Mallham Christian Center tomorrow evening (6:30pm). See you there!!!

Yours in His Majesty's Service

Pastor Emmanuel Eze